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Whether participating in active or passive activities, taking part in our activities is a great way for service users to be happier and healthier by leaving loneliness behind and participating in engaging activities.

Be sure to check out more information about our horticultural and animal care activities.

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Arts and Crafts

Want to start learning how to create beautiful, weird, functional and/or unique pieces? You have come to the right place!

Learn fun and interesting ways to use various materials such as textiles, paint, clay and much more. Take your pieces home or showcase them around the Country Centre.


Learn important life skills in our fully equipped kitchen, through making yummy cakes and delicious pastries, to be shared with the rest of the team to enjoy over afternoon tea!

Donkey Sanctuary

We plan to keep several donkeys on site, which the service users will help to feed and look after.

Their gentle nature has an amazing calming effect and like us humans, love lots of attention and affection.


See more on our Animal Care page.

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Quizzes and Games

Choosing from an exciting variety of card, board and quiz games, snooker, as well as the use of our Nintendo Wii with games like golf and athletics, challenge your mind and body whilst having lots of fun!

Land Craft and Horticultural Project

Take part in growing and nurturing the plants and vegetables in the poly tunnels and greenhouses, as well as preparing and harvesting the land.

Enjoy tucking into the produce that you’ve grown through our cooking and baking sessions.


Listen to your favourite songs and make lots of noise through joining in with the singing and playing instruments. 

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Story Telling

Developing imaginations through creative and interactive storytelling.


Creating healthy, tasty meals and snacks for all of the team to enjoy around the table.

Where possible, we use the produce that we have grown in the greenhouses, polytunnels and field.

Beginners Photography

Learn how to use a digital camera, discover different compositions and practice camera techniques.


Photographs are taken on and off site, and the images you have taken are shown and discussed with the group, and then displayed throughout the Country Centre.

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Animal Care

Help us to look after our wonderful animals by preparing their food, tidying out their houses and preparing their beds for the following night!

They also like lots of attention so make sure you talk to them and give them a stroke as well!

Health Walks

Enjoy our beautiful surroundings by participating in daily health walks through the local area.

The ponies, dogs, and occasionally goats, join us as part of their daily exercise routine.

Pony Agility

Build up a relationship with our ponies by developing skills such as hand/eye co-ordination and learning verbal commands, to lead them through a fun course of exercises and jumps.

Our calendar of activities is carefully planned so that every service user has the chance to participate in a range of programs that will enrich their lives physically, mentally, and socially.

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