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Growing plants for a healthy body, mind and soul

Our Horticultural Project: Headliner

At The Country Centre, we use horticulture as a method of therapy. We believe that the growing of plants, using our excellent facilities can aid our service users to feel healthy both physically and spirituality, as well as improving communication skills.

What We Plan To Offer:

  • A number of learning and educational courses in horticulture.

  • Certificates of accomplishment in a range of techniques.

  • An on-site shop to sell the plants grown.

  • Work placements and apprenticeships funded by donations or directly from shop sales.

Our Facilities

We have on-site greenhouses, polytunnels and flowerbeds which allow us to grow all the plants necessary for our horticultural projects.

Our Horticultural Project

This is an overview of our services users engaging in the horticultural activities that take place at The Country Centre.

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